I meditate at least once a day.

I look forward to it like crazy and I can’t believe EVERYONE isn’t meditating everyday.  I think this is because we have a very old-fashioned idea of what meditation is.

So let’s try this.

Pretend for a moment you have never heard the word “meditation”, and I tell you there is this thing that:

·      is totally accessible - you can do it wherever and as often as you like

·      feels so good

·      makes life so much more magical

·      is free

·      makes you feel ultimately great

·      gives you a place where you can enjoy anything you can imagine

·      effortlessly brings you infinite gifts

·      lets you hear directly from the world at large and also your deepest and highest selves

·      and the more you do it, the better it gets.

Wouldn’t you be into that thing? Wouldn’t you be like, “sign me up!”?

Well, that thing is MEDITATION.  : ) 

The truth is the universe is a big dream machine and who do you want to be the lead dreamer in your life?  Do you want to hand that power over to “the news”, advertising, your inner critic or habitual thoughts left over from your genetic line or society?  Or do you want to take that dream horse by the reins and ride?

If you are ready to ride, please know you can leave out the dogma and go right to the heart of the matter.  All you have to do is show up.  If you show up, you win - guaranteed.  Craft your own practice and transform meditation from a dry chore (i.e. another thing you are supposed to do) into a rewarding and magical art.

So whether you just heard about meditation or you’ve been doing it for a while and want to take it to the next level, here are some ways what we do is different:

·      It’s ok for this to be luxurious, like a mini-vacation – you can lay down, wear headphones, put crystals all over your body.

·      It is impossible to “fail” at meditation.  It’s all grist for the mill, there is insight in everything.  You don’t need to be a “perfect meditator” in order for the gifts of the practice to start flowing in.

·      Your subconscious and the collective unconscious will never leave you hanging – they are really your best friends if you set aside a little time to check in with them.

·      You already have a multi-verse of paradises inside you with a wondrous cast of archetypal characters just waiting to make your acquaintance.

·      The more you believe in magic, the more it will show up in your life- and daily meditation is a sure-fire way to access magic on the daily.

·      It is ok for your visions to be strange, funny or sexy – in fact, the weirder they are, the easier it can be to give them your attention.

·      You are totally allowed to create new ways of moving through the world and create magnetic resonance with future events.

·      The present moment loves when you shower it with your attention and offers incredible returns on that investment; however you can consciously use the meditative state to future-trip, dream-change or correct something from the past.

·      When you drop into meditation, a deep part of you gets to “come home”.   This experience of interconnectedness brings all kinds of delight.  It also keeps you coming back and the more you do it, the better it is, so it becomes a self-fulfilling practice.

·      You don’t need your visions to be “approved” by any external guru or match what you found online or in a book.  What you saw and felt is true for you and never needs to be explained or justified to anyone else.

·      Guided meditation is not cheating, anymore than letting a professional pilot fly your plane is cheating – you just get where you are going faster and with more ease because you are letting someone who knows the way get you part of the way there.

·      Your meditation doesn’t need to look like “meditation” to other people.  Maybe running or dancing or walking or washing the dishes is meditative for you.  Rules about the “right way” to meditate were written by sages but then PARAPHRASED by ordinary men.  Experiment and decide what is right for you (paying special attention to any input from your inner guides) and do that.  It’s perfect, trust me. 

When you meditate regularly it is like getting to dip your cup into the most sparkling, life-giving water and then as you live your daily life you get to sip from that cup all day.  Meditation nourishes you and keeps you connected to your own spark of magic.

Yours in the extraordinary and ordinary worlds,




The world is mysterious and wonderful even in complicated times like these.  There are pockets of joy and magic hidden everywhere, but we have to BE AWAKE.  Meditation helps you keep waking up all the time.

What if the whole world is talking to you, trying to tell you something, show you something all day everyday?  What if everything is all laid out in front you if you could just make a little time to see it?  What if, while you are looking at your screen of choice, the world IRL is just begging for your kind attention; offering itself up like a big blooming flower of wonder while you just stare into that little rectangle?

I am 100% convinced that the world is always talking to us.

Here is a little vignette that perfectly describes how meditation encourages this phenomena:

"Wow! So hey Jessica, thanks for the meditation. It was really powerful. 

So I finally got your book 99 today from Spellbound Sky. I felt a magical feeling when I first saw it months ago, so I knew today would be special. Martin (or Mark? the one who drummed at our meditation) did a crystal healing on me, so I felt especially synchronized. 

I opened your book at Barnsdall Art Park while watching the sunset, and began reading Vision 36, Tribe. The cave painting I saw was of a warrior pointing his spear. Just then I felt what it was like to have true courage, and an old book idea came back to me. 

As soon as I realized that, this couple turned toward me to take a picture. One had "primitive" written on his hat (like tribe!), the other had Micky Mouse on his hat. I had been seeing Micky Mouse in my visions for months. Every time I asked about my life purpose, I saw Micky Mouse. I kept thinking that was because it meant "it's easy!" Nope! It was for this moment with your book. Everyone around me was saying "yes yes yes yes yes". 

As I was walking away from the park, swelling with the realization of what I'm going to create, this little girl goes, "He's awake mommy! Look, he's awake!" 

It. Was. Awesome. 

Thanks Jessica channeling your powerful magic!"

 - Chris Haight

I witness this level of magic happening all the time.  If you want to draw these types of experiences into your life here is a bit of key information from the tiny but mighty digital booklet YOU ARE HERE.


The more you dip into the well of your inner world, the more you are going to begin to see patterns emerge.  Your subconscious and the collective unconscious are going to encode your visions with multiple layers of meaning, and they are going to deliver the same information in a lot of different ways.  And this leads to miraculous, life-changing things.

As you develop your ability to excel at pattern recognition, you experience real miracles all the time.  You also get to be in this ongoing, reciprocal conversation with the INFINITE.

This is why it is so important to do two things in your practice. 

The first is attend your inner work often.  Keep the strand linked, keep the connection live, keep the conversation going. 

The second is to track and record what happens.  Things can seem so strong when you are “in” your meditation, but a few minutes into the bustle of ordinary life, they start to fade.

So keep going in there, pay attention to symbolic patterns, write them down when you come out and keep yourself amazed and awake."

I share this because traditional meditation practices don't seem to encourage the practice of recording what you see in your visions.  It is so simple to do and can lead to the most extraordinary delight, not to mention big-time, life-changing wisdom.  It also is the best way to prove to the most skeptical parts of yourself that your subconscious and the collective unconscious are ALWAYS SPEAKING TO YOU if you will just take the time to listen.  That intuition is always broadcasting but it is up to you to tune in.

So when you come out of meditation and you've seen something unusual (especially things that don't make "sense") write that shit down!