Not quite ready for that $8 per month commitment?  Going someplace with no internet access?  Want to build your own collection?  No worries!  You can instantly download any meditation a la carte.

Or maybe you are a bibliophile like me?  You have your choice of printed books or digital booklets that I guarantee will keep you inspired.

If you are curious about me, I just made the Jessica section of the site a little more robust and included some mini-pep talks

Also, you can always find a free, full-length meditation at the bottom of this page.  I switch them up once a month so you can try a lot of different 'flavors'.

If you are in Los Angeles and want the magical live experience I have a new residency at ROAM  - Crystal Meditation every third Saturday and one select Full or New Moon every month.  You can get more information and reserve your space here.  Also, I occasionally do pop-up meditations, be sure you are on my email list and stay in the know.

"My absolutely favorite meditation-guided journey genius – Jessica Snow! I think her tracks are magic and they are way more complex than your classic ‘still your mind’ stuff. She takes you tripping and always with a specific purpose in mind." - Mystic Medusa

"I love your meditations. As a person new to meditation, it can feel a bit hopeless at time. Will I ever be able to focus & not have my mind drift? And when I listen to a Jessica Snow meditation it's easy to focus. You send me lovingly off to a meditative state.  You've helped me in countless ways." - Julia Berthet

"Every single one of your meditations is like a dream I look forward to." - Diana Zalucky

"Snow's inspired approach led us to the place where we felt the most joy..."

- Refinery 29




"While strolling through her cactus gardens one warmish June morning, Amanda came upon an old Navajo man painting pictures in the sand.

'What is the function of the artist?' Amanda demanded of the talented trespasser.

'The function of the artist,' the Navajo answered, 'is to provide what life does not.'"

 - Tom Robbins