The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure."

- Joseph Campbell


The Girl Who Knows gets to know Jessica Snow.

Collective Thread and Jessica on the new style of being a creative.


"Thank you soooo much for the amazing, vibrational, spiritual experience last night!! There was really something very special in that space last night.  After that, my friend and I went on a long drive around the city - we wanted to experience sounds, smells, nature and the different energies around the city.   Mulholland Dr., then Topanga Cayon, stopped and listened to the crickets giving nature and us a LOUD sound bath. Then down to the beach for an ocean sound bath.  It was a beautiful night." - K.M.

"Still vibrating after the magical meditation and sound bath tonight. Thank you @meditation_jess for such a great experience. #meditation #trustyourself #sound #vibrations #insights" - H.S.

"SHINE brightens my have added such light to my life; I sincerely want to thank you for being such a powerhouse of inspiration! Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with me.  I am a better person because of your influence." - K.W.

"Your meditations and your work make my days so much better! Do you know ever since i first listened to POLLINATOR i am surrounded by hummingbirds?! Today two of them greeted me as i drove up my street and followed my car into my driveway. I also am no longer scared of bees! While i was in Portland on a big stressful project, i started the day with my collaborator by listening to WILD HORSES. What a difference it makes! thank you for doing what you do! You're the best!" - C.M.

"I want to say that last NIGHT was so amazing. I feel a huge shift after each meditation we have personally and in what I attract into my experience immediately. Last night really was profound. Thank you!" - S.A.

"What a feeling this morning. Everything we worked on is shining thru. So wild. What amazing energy." - K.G.

"I wanted to thank you for your passion and love for what you do. I  know that something took me there,  and it wasn't any random coincidence... I've been searching for a lot of things in my life,  and the minute I walked in,  I felt like I was in the right place,  at the right time..." - L.F.

"I had the opportunity to take you workshop this weekend and I have to say , WOW!! the energy in that room  and the way you guided us through meditation, was for me, one of the most incredible experiences I've had. THANK YOU!" - M.G.

"Just wanted to say tonight's meditation was beyond amazing! I had such an eye opening experience. Thank you so much! Looking forward to next week's session." - S.B.

"The prehnite meditation tonight @spellboundsky was literally out of this world.  I'm going to be floating for days.  Thank you @meditation_jess for guiding me in the right direction.  The messages I received tonight will stick with me throughout every lifetime I live." - S.G.

"Last night's meditation was focused on Rose Quartz/Love...  I focused on any tension/pain in my body, placed my beautiful healing crystal on my pained area and breathed in love and exhaled the BS and pain is 90% GONE.  Immediately.  Like Daniel LaRusso/Miyagi tournament leg healing!  I'm blown away and grateful to be reminded of the power we have within ourselves to change anything in our lives.  Thank you @meditation_jess & @spellboundsky for a beautiful session and space last night." - A.I.